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 The City of Washington

Dive Type:
Wreck Dive
Typical Depth Range: 25 to 40 feet
Expertise Required: Novice

City of Washington lies in 20-35 feet of water just offshore of Elbow reef. This wreck is known for exceptionally clear waters and an abundant and friendly fish population which makes it an excellent backdrop for underwater photography.

The City of Washington was built in 1887 as two-masted sailing vessel, two years later she was refitted with a steam engine. The ship was used as a passenger and cargo ship until she was retired from service in 1908.

In 1911 the ship was converted to a coal transport barge and while being towed on July 10, 1917, the City of Washington ran aground on Elbow Reef and was a total loss.


You will see many smaller species of fish among the wrecks. Other common sea life include deep purple sea fans and conchs. Lobster is also a frequent dweller of Pickles Reef.

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