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 North Dry Rocks

Dive Type:
Reef Dive
Typical Depth Range: 15 to 40 feet
Expertise Required: Novice

North Dry Rocks is the second reef north of Key Largo Dry Rocks or Christ Statue. This reef has three mooring buoys and is an excellent spot for diving and snorkeling as the depth is shallow ranging from 20' to 35'. North North Dry Rocks is a small reef with large spur and groove formations and has swim-throughs and ledges making this an exciting dive.

Golden brown Elkhorn coral and Staghorn coral cover the tops of these shallow ledges. Star coral, Starlet coral and colorful sponges decorate the rest of the reef and attract many species of tropical fish.

This reef is literally a fish watcher's paradise with tiny neon gobies, silversides, angelfish, parrotfish, yellowtails, and damselfish seen in every direction
you swim.



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