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 The Duane

Dive Type:
Wreck Dive
Typical Depth Range: 70 to 120 feet
Expertise Required: Advanced


The Coast Guard Cutter Duane was sunk to continue it's service as an artificial reef, on Thanksgiving weekend of 1987. The Duane settled upright with a slight starboard list in 120 feet of water. The Duane was the most highly decorated Coast Guard cutter in the Navy's history. It served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Many marine creatures now call the Duane home. Among the many rooms and compartments you possibly see a large moray eel, angel fish, and many barracuda. Look for the circular hatch on the forward deck which marks the ammunition storage area of a gun turret. When ascending you may want to visit the ships crows nest or examine the empty wheelhouse.

The is one of the more popular deep dives in Key Largo. After conquering the Duane you my want to explore her sister ship the Bibb sunk at the same time approximately a half-mile from the Duane.


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