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 Molasses Reef

Dive Type:
Reef Dive
Typical Depth Range: 10 to 100 feet
Expertise Required: Novice to Advanced


Arguably the most beautiful reefs in all of Florida, Molasses reef was named for a sunken ship which carried barrels of Molasses. It is one of the most visited dive sites in the U.S. and possibly the world. Molasses has it all, beautiful corals, innumerable fish, and various other points of interest including an old ships winch and anchor.

Coral walls and ridges are home for many varieties of sea-life including barracuda, moray eels, parrot fish, turtles, rays and an occasionally nurse sharks. Look for magnificent brain coral, massive star coral and Christmas tree worms. View more images of Molasses reef.

Molasses is so delightful you can begin to believe you are diving in a populated Disney theme park, it is then a sighting of a nurse shark brings you back to reality…..and the fact that lunch won’t set you back $20! This is a dive you won’t soon forget.

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