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 The Bibb

Dive Type:
Wreck Dive
Typical Depth Range: 80 to 130 feet
Expertise Required: Advanced


After it's launch in 1937 the Coast Guard Cutter Bibb's first mission was to protect threatened merchants in the Atlantic from tensions of the war. The Bibb rescued many sailors of sunken ships including 61 form the British merchant ship S.S. Penmar and 202 after the merchant ship Henry S. Mallory was sunk by torpedoes from German submarines U-609 and U-625. Following an illustrious career and having saved over 600 lives, the Bibb was decommissioned on September 30, 1985.

On Thanksgiving weekend 1987 the Coast Guard Cutter Bibb and Duane were sunk to continue their service as an artificial reefs about one mile from Molasses Reef. Although they are sister ships, they are two completely different dives. Unlike the perfect pinpoint upright landing of Duane, the Bibb lies on her starboard side approximately four tenths of a mile from the Duane.

The sideways 90 orientation and deeper depths make the Bibb a more challenging dive, therefore Bibb is less preferred dive but often uncrowded.

The Bibb offers much to see. Her screws are easily accessible due to lying on her side and larger wildlife have been known to frequent her. Keep an eye out for huge turtles, amberjack, rays and an occasional giant whale shark.

These photos were taken by Will James, a sailor who served aboard the Bibb from 1975 to 1977.

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