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 Pickles Reef

Dive Type:
Reef Dive
Typical Depth Range: 10 to 40 feet
Expertise Required: Novice


Named for the hardened encrusted pickle barrels located there, Pickles Reef is located just outside of Key Largo Marine Sanctuary, about 2 miles southwest of Molasses Reef. The small barrels were probably not carrying pickles, but it is speculated they were loaded with cement for huge brick forts of Key West and the Dry Tortugas.

Pickles Reef is best known for it's Pillar Coral Forest. It is home to one of the largest pillar coral formations in the Keys. Pickles Reef offers several wrecked ship, both old and new. Look for the remains of a shrimp boat that is home to many yellow goatfish and blue striped grunts.

You will see many smaller species of fish among the wrecks. Other common sea life include deep purple sea fans and conchs. Lobster is also a frequent dweller of Pickles Reef.



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